Social action #12

Preparation for modern employment

For young people interested in entrepreneurship and future employment, this project will equip an innovative and modern multimedia space.

Today’s evolving society is driven by the fast development of new technologies. Innovative technology directly affects the job market – with many jobs become outdated while new ones emerge. Therefore, young people must be encouraged to learn the necessary skills to keep up and adapt.

The new FabLab in Cantagalo will give local youth access to the leading technologies that are relevant to the future workplace. In the lab, youth will gain hands-on experience through the design and implementation of their own initiatives. These new technologies will help them gain new knowledge and also complement and strengthen their formal education.

Understanding new technology is key to modern employment. We must help young people prepare for their future.
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How OMEGA will help

OMEGA will purchase the hi-tech equipment for the lab which will help young people develop new skills for the job market.

Around 500 students will benefit per year.