Social action #11

Paving the way to university

For young people who are aiming to take the national university entrance exam (ENEM), this project will equip a brand new learning space.

In 2015, more than 7 million people registered to take the national university entry exam (ENEM). In the last few years, this number has been increasing, mainly as a result of the growing demand for professionals with High School and University diplomas.

The ENEM exam is not only a university entrance exam, but also offers the possibility to reward students with a High School certificate – in case they are older than 18 and achieved the required scores.

The new education space at Cantagalo will offer an interactive, efficient and innovative mix of on-site and on-line courses with high school content, aiming to prepare vulnerable youth who take the ENEM exam. The course offers access to a website with more than 15,000 video-classes and adaptive learning tools that create individual study plans. The course also provides customized on-line monitoring and on-site support with tutors, which help students with questions about content and online platform services.

This exclusive space will support local youth in their preparation for university life.
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How OMEGA will help

This project will equip the new blended learning space - one that will help vulnerable youth in their quest to enter university or conclude high school qualification through the ENEM exam.

Around 300 students will benefit every year, with new furniture, computers, tablets, and high speed internet connection.