Social action #7

Improving Municipal Schools

Schooling lays the foundation for brighter futures, which is why this project aims to renovate and equip two Municipal Schools within Rio.

The public primary education in Brazil is managed by the Municipal Government. In the last few years, Rio has advanced considerably in improving access to basic schooling. However, there are still some challenges to be overcome, such as in the schools’ infrastructure.  Aiming to foster this process, Viva Rio will support the refurbishing of school units in order to address their infrastructural needs. The chosen institutions support a large number of students and are located in vulnerable areas of the city.

Every addition will inspire young minds and fuel their growth.
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How OMEGA will help

Benefitting around 1000 students every year, the aim with this project is to improve study conditions for students in two primary schools within the city of Rio de Janeiro. It will provide them with equipment and furniture that will be useful to both their education and their teachers.

The total renovation includes the painting, refurbishing and equipment for a computer lab and a recreational space. The schools will be provided with computerschairs and playground toys.