Social action #10

Expanding after school support

For children who are falling behind their studies, educational tutoring and cultural and social activities are key to their development. However, these initiatives are not available at regular schools. That is why Viva Rio believes that education outside of school hours is a great opportunity to stimulate new knowledge and to support these children.

Growth shouldn't be limited to school hours. There's always more time to make a difference.
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How OMEGA will help


This project will renovate the tutoring room at the Milton Santos Cultural House. The house will be able to increase the reach of its activities by including more youths from vulnerable communities in its educational courses.

By doing this, students who are falling behind at school will be introduced to a new tutoring proposal that offers genuine advancements, reintegrating them into their regular course, and encouraging their participation in sports, educational and cultural activities.

One educational room will be refitted, with the purchasing of educational materials and a new computer. The program will benefit approximately 500 people living in the Penha Neighborhood per year.