Social action #1

Support for vulnerable mothers

By refurbishing a specialised centre for pregnant women and mothers, this project will give invaluable help and care for those in need.

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Social action #2

Bringing joy to young children

Every child needs space to grow. This project will support their development by providing equipment for recreational activities and learning.

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Social action #3

Continuing the development of young children

Following the success of Social Action #2, this project will again support the development of children by providing equipment for recreational activities and le…

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Social action #4

Creating leaders of the future

By refurbishing and equipping The Young Apprentice Centre, this project will help to improve youth education, giving them the ideal platform to launch their car…

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Social action #5

Inspiring future journalists

Those in disadvantaged communities have a unique view of the world. This project will help give them a voice, by supporting the new space for the VIVA Favela Co…

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Social action #6

Support to Young immigrants

Being new to a country is not always easy, which is why this project will support the integration and training center for the youth immigrant community of Rio.

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Social action #7

Improving Municipal Schools

Schooling lays the foundation for brighter futures, which is why this project aims to renovate and equip two Municipal Schools within Rio.

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Social action #8

Improving State High Schools

Before young people move into the job market, the last few years of their learning are critical. This project will equip their schools with the necessary tools.…

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Social action #9

Strength and confidence for kids

To promote health and social skills for young children, this project will refurbish and equip Viva Rio's School of Martial Arts in Costa Barros.

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Social action #10

Expanding after school support

For children who are falling behind their studies, educational tutoring and cultural and social activities are key to their development. However, these initiati…

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Social action #11

Paving the way to university

For young people who are aiming to take the national university entrance exam (ENEM), this project will equip a brand new learning space.

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Social action #12

Preparation for modern employment

For young people interested in entrepreneurship and future employment, this project will equip an innovative and modern multimedia space.

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