Brazil is a country rich in culture, energy and diversity. At the heart of it all, are the young people and communities who keep these values alive. That's why, in the lead up to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, OMEGA has teamed up with Viva Rio to instigate a wide variety of beneficial programs that give back to the host city.

With just 12 months to go until the Olympic Games begin in Brazil, OMEGA is marking the official countdown with their support of 12 "Social Action" projects that will strengthen the socioeconomic and educational growth in Rio de Janeiro. This worthwhile cause will be in partnership with Viva Rio - a non-profit organization aimed at promoting a "culture of peace" and social inclusion within the city.

OMEGA has a tradition of Olympic countdowns, usually visualised through a physical clock placed within the centre of the host city. This year, the campaign will go beyond timekeeping to reach much further.

The Community Countdown will encompass a selection of community spaces and education centres, with projects that will help young people and their families. By focusing on this demographic, the overall result will be one of long-term impact. From the earliest stages of a child's life, it will plant the seeds for a better future, and create a legacy that will continue long after the Games have finished.

As OMEGA knows from its long history in watchmaking, success is a result of many parts. So it's particularly fitting that each project has a real focus on detailed improvements and materials that make up a bigger story. From new computers, down to new school desks, every action will make a valuable difference.

The experience that Viva Rio has within vulnerable communities will go a long way in connecting with the people involved in this project. With OMEGA's added support, everything is set for a rewarding campaign that will delve below the surface of this incredible city and offer building blocks for a new generation.